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A New Humanity
and welcome! Are you fed up with the greed and selfishness of society? If so, we have something in common already.
Can we escape the bonds of Empire and build A New Humanity?
I BELIEVE WE CAN (and must)!

Current world population (estimated):
If you are not familiar with the interconnected crises threatening Earth in the early 21st century, CLICK HERE for an article from The Guardian titled "Civilisation faces perfect storm of ecological and social problems".
" . . . . . there is progress by means of cyclic advance towards a collective explosion . . . . . when an old humanity, learned and without wisdom, will die and A New Humanity, unlearned and wise, will be born."Hubert Benoit - The Supreme Doctrine: psychological studies in Zen thought.

I can honestly say that I believe this website is the most important work I have done in my lifetime so, I'm going to refill my mug and get back at it. I hope you will find my site useful, instructive, and on balance, hopeful. I have also tried to introduce some beauty here and there as I believe beauty of all kinds is an irreplaceable part of life's journey.

On the right is a painting depicting the Greek mythological character Cassandra who was seduced by Apollo and agreed to couple with him in return for the abilty to see into the future. At the last moment she reneged and Apollo gave her the curse of never being believed. I was never able to get it on with a goddess who had the authority to grant such wishes (I'm not complaining by-the-way) so I have had to do several years of pretty intense reading and make a few judgement calls to get to what I believe is a pretty good, overall view of the short-term future of the human species. In the end, Cassandra's story turned out pretty badly and I seem to have pee'd off some mythological god enough to acquire the curse in any case.

With this in mind, I will make liberal use of quotations from my reading over the last 3 years or more (60 or so books by 40 or so authors), none of which has given me a shred of credible evidence that we can safely continue along the same path we have been on since the Industrial Revolution: all of which (in my mind) corroborate my thought processes — don't think about that for too long.

So grab a coffee (Fairly rather than Freely Traded I hope), and start reading! You will still find some "loose ends" throughout my site but, I'm working on them. Lots of research   — Keep On Googlin' as John Fogerty might say —  readin', writin' and 'rithmatic for me to do yet!!


"The artist revels in the ultimate disequilibrium of things. The philosopher is controlled ultimately by the balance and harmony of things, by reasoning intelligence. Both are valid, both are needed."   —   Thomas Berry - The Great Work: our way into the future

Homo Heidelbergensis

While I normally try to steer clear of stating or even holding unprovable beliefs (I find that substituting "hope" for "belief" wherever possible works for me), when there is some good evidence available, I may relent. I believe that we can develop as clear a picture of the future as we can of the past, given that we use a shorter time-line. We have an understanding of the history of the genus Homo over 2.5 million years, of life on Earth over 2.1 billion years and of the Earth itself over 4.5 billion years but the clarity of that understanding diminishes as the evidence becomes older, less abundant and less contextually rich.

The guy with the six-pack abs depicted on the left is a reconstruction of Homo Heidelbergensis, one of the Homo Sapiens progenetors living one million years ago. From the clues that his ancient remains give us we can tell much about his world from when he lived to what kind of food he ate and how well he and his kin were doing physically at the time of his demise. However, at this distance in the past, much about his world is still vague. For instance, Heidelbergensis lived during a period when it is unclear whether our ancestors had learned to make and use fire although this guy, who is apparently banging a stone and a stick together, is modelled as if he is not quite there yet.

This regression of evidence works similarly for the future - the further we look ahead, the less clarity can be deduced from the evidence available. If we equate a million years of history with a century of prophecy we can then look forward a century with a similar level of confidence to that which we have for looking back at a million years of history.

While this will give us a picture lacking in detail and clarity, we will be able to see trends and overall relationships between now and a century hence. We can also use this model to add emerging evidence as it develops. Rather than complaining about the lack of clarity and doing nothing to help ourselves, we would be better to use what tools we have, improve those tools as we can and introduce positive rather than negative interactions between humanity and our only home planet, Earth.

PrologueWhat will the 21st Century look like? Will we be able to make a better world than what we experience now or should we try to hang on to what we have?
How do we think? What if we don't?How each of us sees the world in a unique way; our personal worldview — five orders of Human Consciousness which, when fully realized, lead to the fullness of human potential. — how we could teach our old brains new tricks and improve our chances of building a better world.
Are we out-of-sync with our world ?Our culture has evolved rapidly for 15,000 years to create societies, nations, agribusiness, capitalism and WMD's but we have lost track of where we, as a living organism, fit into the biosphere; the massively complex system of life-on-Earth.
So . . . what do we do now?Serfs, slaves, peasants; these terms all describe people who have or had, no access to land or who lost their land to the rich and powerful of the Empire, usually through indebtedness. All land should be held in a Commons, for the equal benefit of all.
What must we leave behind?BIG government, BIG business, BIG everything: capitalism, consumerism, imperialism and exceptionalism: greed and selfishness, pride and prejudice, power and wealth: investment, entitlement and the establishment: disparity, bigotry, ideology, and misplaced authority.
Can we learn to live a harmonious life on our planet in the 21st century?What will the 21st Century look like? How well are our educational institutions serving the needs of the citizenry of the future? How can we improve our preparation?
Our spiritual jouneyingWatersheds to be basis for governance areas. Local Government elected and supreme, administration of larger areas by appointed officials.
EpilogueIs it too late already? Can we do what needs to be done? Will we? We had better do it, we will only get one chance. What happens if we fail?
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