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Tsawassen BC
When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970)

As you are visiting this site, I will assume that you are familiar with the need to build A New Humanity to meet the challenges of the looming crises of the end of cheap oil, Anthropogenic Climate Change, financial chaos and excessive population. If you are not, or if you do not agree that these crises are real, imminent and will cause the collapse of the industrialized world, I must tell you that I do. Many people are still in a state of denial about these crises and here is how I feel about such denial.

With respect to The End of Cheap Oil, these two, equally [un]believable reasons for denial are as good as any I have heard:

  1. Oil is actually the "Manna from Heaven" mentioned in the Bible and apparently replenished by God on an on-going basis.
  2. There is an immense reservoir of oil in the centre of the Earth. In his book The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler, with tongue-in-cheek, describes this as being "Like the creamy, nougat center of a Bonbon!"
Denial of the scientific evidence of Anthropogenic Climate Change usually takes the form of the deniers reporting local weather conditions which they feel do not square with the gradual but inexorable increase in the average temperatures of the global biosphere. Of course, this can often be true at one place and one time but, no credible scientist refutes the evidence any longer.

Financial chaos is already a reality and the inadequacy of trying to fix a problem which exhibits a remarkable likeness to cancer with Band Aids™ is becoming glaringly obvious. Complete and irreversable breakdown of the world's financial systems will probably prove to be a positive result for humanity as you will easily see as you make yourself more aware of what is happening to cause such instability.

In my lifetime, the population of the Earth has more than tripled, from 2.2 trillion to around 7 trillion. Sustainability of this and projected future population is now being measured in terms of how many Earths are required to fully supply all the basic needs of these numbers of humans. Currently this number seems to be around 1.5 and rising rapidly as non-renewable resources are being used up at accelerating rates, the population continues to grow and Standards of Living in developing nations like China and India rise along with attendant pressure on resources.

Two Wikipedia entries — Here and Here — further explain both the how and the why of this widespread denial. "Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming" - James Hoggan with Richard Littlemore, 2009 is entirely about the lies and obfuscation that various government agencies, news media, pseudo-scientists, corporate advertisments, right-wing think tanks, fundamentalist religious organizations and many others have spread like a poisonous gas to subvert truth. Why do they do this? — greed and stupidity.

The corporate/capitalist establishment of the industrialised world owes its allegiance its investors and its fellow corporations and only a minute percentage of those within that establishment are willing to admit to the lies and the cover-up of what they know about the science of climate change. But know it they do even though some are blinded by an ideology that is proving to be a huge failure to most of the world. There is a segment of this corporate establishment that makes no effort to deny the reality of Anthropogenic Climate Change, the reinsurance business .

Big Politics / Big Business in the western, capitalist world exist in a mutual, parasitic relationship . . . . . always remember this.

And, do not let the politicos snow you with promises of jobs in return for compromises on ecological and social justice. Short term jobs building corporate infrastructure will pay the bills for awhile but they will also strip you and your family of long term opportunities to prosper. Never take a job that compromises social justice, resource security or the future of humanity - there is no nutrition in money.

If you can go to bed every night feeling that you have improved the world even the tiniest bit for your kids, you deserve a good night's sleep; if not, you don't.

Presented by Green For All — USA
The "BIG IDEA" promoted on this site is a commune as sanctuary for an extended family in future generations. Common land ownership, resource management, rights of succession and limited development to provide self-sustainability in case of serious degradation of society. The hope would be that at some point the group could make a decision to stop reproducing and that the remaining members could live out their lives before existance as a human on Earrrth became unbearable.

The End of Cheap Oil will bring unprecedented and mostly unwanted change to the industrialized world. No known combination of alternative energy sources, with the possible exception of nuclear reactors, will produce more than a small percentage of the energy currently used in countries like the USA, Canada, Japan and most of Europe. Nor would such alternate sources of energy allow China, India and other emerging industrial nations to develop to the extent that they are presently expecting to achieve. This raises the spectre of rich nation-states fighting over the remaining stocks in what they see as a last chance to 'save' their way of life; a number of these possess nuclear weapons and the chance of them being deployed in an attempted preemptive strike will be very high.

But, does it have to be this way or is there a possibility of avoiding this 'Last One Standing' option through planning and co-operation? Would it still be possible to make changes that might slow the runaway nature of Global Climate Change or to reverse the growth of world population?

There are other ways for humans to live on Earth - here are some examples

We need to continually be creative in our thinking, both as individuals and collectively.

"Creative geniuses do not think analytically and logically. Conventional, logical, analytical thinkers are exclusive thinkers which means they exclude all information that is not related to the problem. They look for ways to eliminate possibilities. Creative geniuses are inclusive thinkers which mean they look for ways to include everything, including things that are dissimilar and totally unrelated."

Petrogeologist Colin J. Campbell has developed a possible way of trasitioning peacefully away from dependency on oil and this is expanded on and presented by Richard Heinberg in his book The Oil Depletion Protocol. However this book was written in 2006 and governments around the world have predictably ignored both the warning and the starting of a conversation around the possibilities. Likewise, efforts to start meaningful action on Global Climate Change have faltered or, as in the case of the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, been dismal failures. Slowing of population growth has been somewhat more successful but, mainly as an inverse relationship to increase in Standard of Living for under-developed countries. While this is hopeful in the short term, return to an agrarian lifestyle in many parts of the world might restart the "Many hands make light work" approach to family planning. Financial chaos continues to be brought about by the almost unbelievable excesses of those in a position to make trillions of essentially worthless dollars out of thin air. A good place to find information about the problems of the present system of economics and possible solutions to it is David C. Korten's Living Economies Forum and his books which are covered there.

Even if governments can summon the will to accept the problems, which seems very unlikely in democratic countries where the people's representatives spend much of their effort presenting options which will appeal to the electorate, there will be massive resistance from business interests and citizens to any measures which appear to cut profits or challenge the insanity of perpetual economic growth. I wish I could be more positive but I cannot, based on my own observation of human nature as well as historical reaction to change and apparent hardship. I will agree with all the authors I have read on these subjects that a pro-active approach would result in hugely better outcomes and like them, I will continue to attempt to spread this message but, I don't see many people listening yet.

Here is a link to a story That explains how capitalism breeds inequality and the disasterous results of that inequality on all but the top few who are forced to live in a capitalist society.

There will be one, last chance to turn Spaceship Earth around when it becomes painfully clear that there is simply no alternative. With luck and a lot of skill, we may still be able to navigate the asteroid fields and other critical dangers but every day that goes by before consulting the chart and beginning to plot a course will make it harder.

In the meantime, the good news is that there are things we can do as individuals or small communities which will help us to prepare our families, friends and those around us for the coming Century of Declines. Investigating these options will be an important theme of this site.

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