Survival in a post-oil world _______________________
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"People will rarely acknowledge that an accustomed way of life is unsustainable except in the face of prolongued, devastating failure." — Joseph Tainter, T.F.H. Allen, Thomas Hoekstra - Supply-Side Sustainability, 2003

Each one of us lives in a unique world fashioned from our cultural, social, educational, observational and otherwise lived experiences. Depending on where we were born and where we have lived, these experiences, and therefore, our worldviews, can be vastly different. Even if we have lived on the same street as someone all our lives, influences such as our parents, teachers, religion, ethnicity, travel, occupations, leisure activities, financial circumstances and many others will add up to ourselves and others seeing the world around us in very different ways.

Throughout life we are asked to make choices and decisions about who we want to represent us in government—if we live in a democracy; what kind of career we want to persue—if we have a choice; how much education we want our children to have—if our finances allow and, too often, only if they are boys; who we want to marry—in many places this still does not apply to women. The decisions we make about these and many other issues will be based on our worldviews and will profoundly affect the lives of ourselves and those around us.

Groups of people with similar backgrounds and similar worldviews tend to adhere to artificial and increasingly rigid ideologies and to become less objective about the reasoning behind their decision-making processes. These ideologically driven people often cause societies to fragment into divergent factions and take irreconcilable positions leading to some form of armed conflict. Besides warfare between states, ethnic cleansing, and religious war, the re-visiting of old differences—sometimes centuries old—causes tensions to boil over; and all because of differences in how various people form their worldviews.

Levels of Human Consciousness

If we can open our minds to the full reality of our place within the cosmos and our interconnection with every detail of the world in which we live, we can elevate our level of consciousness far above that of most people who live in modern, industrial civilization.

The Prospective Mind

. . . we need to change our conventional ways of thinking and speaking . . . A prospective mind recognizes how little we understand, and how we control even less - Thomas Homer-Dixon