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Coqihalla Highway construction

Raising consciousness, individual or collective, can be put into the context of a project. Since I am familiar with construction projects I would look at the consciousness that is to be expanded and lifted like a rudimentary trail or 4x4 track that is to be changed into a safe high speed freeway. If we all get our consciousness lifted high enough we can then look at improving the freeway to a route suitable for bicycles or horses.

To succeed with our project, we need people, knowledge, skills and tools. For a freeway project we would need a lot of money, for our project we will need little or none. To build the Coquihalla Highway (pictured above near Juliette Creek) labourers, operators, superintendents, logging equipment, earthmoving equipment, concrete, paving, communication, transportation, accomodation and lots more were required. For our conciousness project we need ourselves, what time we can spare, knowledge resources, perhaps some expert advice and most of all, the will to take it on.

Some of the books in my personal library tackle the issue of explaining the poorly understood interconnections and common sources of what are usually reported as separate crises and problems. I feel that reading these books or others like them is the most efficient route to the expanded and lifted conciousness mentioned above. Below is a list of some good ones:

  • The Great Turning - David Korten
  • The Sacred Balance - David Suzuki
  • Hot, Flat, and Crowded - Thomas L. Friedman
  • New World New Mind - Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich
  • Our Way Out - Marq de Villiers
  • The Great Work - Thomas Berry
  • Dark Age Ahead - Jane Jacobs
  • The Case Against the Global Economy - Edited by Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith

The catalogue of subjects presented below may seem daunting at first glance - and it is. However, no one would be expected to be expert in every one of these subjects or indeed, even know something about all of them. The list is of subjects which I have encountered in my reading over the last few years and knowledge of which I have found has helped me to better understand the damage we have inflicted on the Earth since the Industrial Revolution. Such knowledge also helps to visualize solutions and to see the all-important interconnections between all life and even beyond to natural features and occurences that do not fit the dictionary definition of life.

Hovering the cursor over many of the subjects below will bring up references to books or other resources which have good content on those subjects. I will be adding more such references in future.

EconomicsZero Growth EconomicsSteady-State EconomicsFree MarketCo-Operatives
GlobalizationLocalization BusinessTradeMoney
Finance and Banking InsuranceCompetitionCo-operationReciprocity
Communication techInformation exchangeNews reportagePropogandaEducation inc Public
SociologyCommunity PoliticsDemographyAlternative housing
Transportation techUrban planningConstruction techEnergy productionEnergy distribution
ChemistryBiology PhysicsHistoryGeography
EcologyGeology OceanographyMeteorologyClimate science
AgricultureHorticulture Soil sciencePermacultureVermiculture
AquacultureForestry BiodiversityEvolutionNatural history
Ancient WisdomDemocracyIdeologyHumanityConflict
Human ConsciousnessPhilosophyPsychologyDenialChange and transition
SpritualityEthics ReligionTheologyMysticism
PandemicsHealth care NaturopathyPublic healthVirology
Women's rightsLand ownershipHuman rightsStandard of livingQuality of life
Complex SystemsClimate RefugeesOver-PopulationPeak Oil
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